Music Mp3′s

Here you’ll find all the songs, when they come through…

Just some muse-ics:

  • BasementPhilosophy – Believe (House) [Mp3]

  • from the trip to poland 16/8/08
    BasementPhilosophy – Change [Mp3]

The 48 hour film project, Tel-Aviv 2008, Top Less Productions presents:

The “End of Story” soundtrack:

  1. Yuv feat Or feat Sarel – Battle Of Trogador [Mp3]

  2. BasementPhilosophy feat OBC – BasementPhilosophy [Mp3]

  3. Or – WahWah Love [Mp3]

  4. Yuv – HappyPiano [Mp3]

  5. Sarel feat Or – Orsar Opera [Mp3]

The BasementPhilosophy EP (29/5/2008):

  1. BasementPhilosophy – Seret Al Psantran [Mp3] [Lyrics]

  2. BasementPhilosophy – BasementPhilosophy (Instrumental) [Mp3]

  3. BasementPhilosophy – Ata Avak (Hebrew) [Mp3] [Lyrics]

  4. BasementPhilosophy – Learning Mistakes (English) [Mp3]

For streaming some of these songs, see:

2 Responses to “Music Mp3′s”
  1. Kalugny says:

    Why no songs!
    We want songs!

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